The Power of “The Penny”

October 22, 2021

As I tour the country discussing “The Penny,” I am astounded at the reaction to the book and the power of “The Penny,” and not just the book but characters in the book. There are several themes one could describe or delve further into, but it is becoming apparent that readers identify with a particular thread they assign to their own personality or life. For instance, the “power” I mention is the serendipity of connections related to Penny. Her life as a human lightbulb. Everyone encountering Penny was ingratiated with love and respect no matter their beliefs or background. She encompassed a love that surrounded you with complete and utter rapture. In turn, people found each other; they discovered their world.

If not Penny or a character, readers have found solace in identification with a character trait. Recently, a person related an identification with “Sam” and her upbringing amid a military life and family; within the tumult of moving, parents leaving her alone, an abandonment of emotion. As the author of the novel and a character within the book, I can relate to the unnurtured effects that shape one’s adult profile. “Sam” succeeds in overcoming those deficits and finds true love and a meaningful life.

Finally, I am and have been overjoyed to reach a goal in my writing life: the power to touch people. Book sales and wealth have not been my overriding endgames. The ability to make a reader think about their own life and to expand their conscience of being has always been the apex. The purpose, if I may.

Peace to those who need it. And joy to those who may expand their lives into a creative venture of goodwill and personal achievement.

stewert james

The Author

An author with a story. Living in a quiet Northern Michigan community, nestled into a serene Lake Michigan bay, James writes to the rhythms of current events mixed with romanticism and experience that can only be found by living the same adventures. Whether it’s a provocative story line or blog, this website will certainly take you beyond the keyboard.


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