On Tour with “The Penny”

September 2, 2021


Thanks to Dianna Stampfler of Promote Michigan, I’m about to embark on tour with “The Penny.” After years of working regionally, “The Penny” has exploded into a national treasure. The story resonates with past and present generations, and most recently with the tragedies in Afghanistan, military families continue to confront the burden of loved ones sacrificing for their country.

In “The Penny,” stories around WWII, Korea, the Cold War, and Vietnam, illustrate the emotions at home and on the front lines. Beginning on Spetember 13, 2021 in Georgia, I will be speaking at many venues around Warner Robins Air Force Base where the main characters of the novel lived, worked, and played. From there I’ll travel the state before heading home to events in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California. Many events are in the detail stages, so stay tuned to the website and social media pages.

Just yesterday, “The Penny” was accepted for the October Louisville Book Festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

I would like to thank everyone for their supprt and guidance throughout this journey. I will do my best to send photos and experineces to these pages as I travel.

See you soon

stewert james

The Author

An author with a story. Living in a quiet Northern Michigan community, nestled into a serene Lake Michigan bay, James writes to the rhythms of current events mixed with romanticism and experience that can only be found by living the same adventures. Whether it’s a provocative story line or blog, this website will certainly take you beyond the keyboard.


  1. Bonnie

    Where in Georgia. I am only 20 miles from Savannah. Congratulations on you wonderful accomplishment. A book tour is amazing.

    • stewertjames

      The Savannah gig has not been finalized with regard to time. I’ll keep you posted.


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