Moving Tables A Frank Flannigan Mystery

by Stewert James

Frank Flannigan was enjoying a quiet life in idyllic Brow Point on Little Traverse Bay. After a long career as an FBI agent in Chicago, he’d traded in his suit and tie for worn jeans and a jacket; and his Bureau-issued sidearm for a snifter of his favorite scotch—Lagavulin or Dewar’s, depending on the time of day and the chore (or lack thereof) at hand.

Then one autumn, customers of Frank’s Place, his small restaurant, start dying. Poisoned. The only connection—other than the fact they all had eaten at Frank’s—is a cryptic note the killer leaves behind at the scenes of the crimes.

Flannigan soon finds himself in partnership with Matt Sharp, a local cop and another “retiree” from Chicago, as they drive the investigation. While trying to solve the murders, Flannigan also discovers that the Northern Michigan tourism trade offers more than outside adventure.


stewert james

The Author

An author with a story. Living in a quiet Northern Michigan community, nestled into a serene Lake Michigan bay, James writes to the rhythms of current events mixed with romanticism and experience that can only be found by living the same adventures. Today’s fast paced ever connected world alters the reality in which we live. James brings it back to you in a jolt. Back to what’s behind the front pages and the twenty-four hour bombardment of media stimulus. Whether it’s a provocative story line or blog, this website will certainly take you beyond the keyboard.

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