Super Pac Dark Money Fracking


Explore the dirty secret of political dark money. From the success of fracking, big oil and gas maximize their political wealth and influence across a wide swath of the earth. Action abounds as a Harbor Springs; Michigan billionaire wants to bring employment back to a destitute Michigan area wrought with poverty and influenced by a local militia.

The trilogy ends with Parker Moore protecting Sam, his crusading anti-fracking wife. He’s working with the NSA, Petoskey Public Safety, and the other usual suspects from Strikethrough and Nine-Day Shadow to find and expose a group of the super-rich who use the world as their chess board – and the Great Lakes is the newest target!

$ 14.95

stewert james

The Author

An author with a story. Living in a quiet Northern Michigan community, nestled into a serene Lake Michigan bay, James writes to the rhythms of current events mixed with romanticism and experience that can only be found by living the same adventures. Today’s fast paced ever connected world alters the reality in which we live. James brings it back to you in a jolt. Back to what’s behind the front pages and the twenty-four hour bombardment of media stimulus. Whether it’s a provocative story line or blog, this website will certainly take you beyond the keyboard.

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